Preventing Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have breeding seasons, and most states provide detailed information on the local mosquito breeding season. During this time, try to avoid leaving water anywhere that can be used by mosquitoes to lay eggs, such as in old tires, birdbaths and other sources of still water.

One source that most people don’t consider is their gutters. Because warm, humid weather often brings rain, it’s important that gutters are kept clear of debris so that water flows away from the home. If gutters get clogged, they create the damp, moist conditions that mosquitoes love. If they flow into a rain barrel, emptying it fully every week can break the mosquito life cycle, giving them less time to develop.

A little bit of landscaping can also go a long way. If you have a dip that regularly accumulates more than an inch of water, it’s a good idea to fill it in. In addition, proper pool maintenance can reduce the likelihood of mosquitoes using this as a breeding ground.

In certain areas, this may be hard to achieve, as there is a lot of still water around. In these cases, introducing fish may help, particularly fathead minnows. These fish adore mosquito larvae, and they literally eat them for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner.