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Biting Fly Glue Board Replacements

Biting Fly Glue Board Replacements


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Introducing the Catchmaster Biting Fly Glue Board Replacements, the perfect solution to keep your outdoor spaces free from pesky flies. This innovative fly glue board is designed for maximum efficacy in capturing flying insects, making it an essential tool for gardens, patios, and any outdoor gatherings.

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Why Our Fly Glue Board Replacements Stands Out:

  • Superior Capture Rate: Equipped with a highly effective adhesive surface that traps flies efficiently.

  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Contains no pesticides, making it safe for use around children, pets, and wildlife.

  • Easy to Use: Simply set up the trap in your desired location and let it do the work.

Placement and Usage Tips:

  • Strategic Placement: Best results are achieved when placed near common fly areas such as trash bins, compost piles, or animal pens.

  • Maintenance: Check the trap regularly and replace it once it's full or after one month for optimal performance.

  • Weather Considerations: Position the trap in areas protected from rain and direct sunlight to prolong the adhesive's effectiveness and durability.

  • Complementary Measures: Augment the fly trap with natural deterrents such as citronella candles or essential oils nearby to further reduce fly populations.

  • Responsible Disposal: Ensure that used traps are disposed of responsibly to maintain environmental cleanliness and prevent any escape of trapped insects.

    Protect your outdoor leisure time with the reliability of our Biting Fly Glue Board Replacements.