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Biting Fly Insect Glue Strip Trap

Biting Fly Insect Glue Strip Trap


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Experience superior flying insect control with the Biting Fly Insect Glue Strip Trap, specifically designed to target biting flies. Ideal for outdoor areas, these traps offer a powerful and safe solution to reduce annoying and potentially harmful insects around your home or business.

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Why Choose Catchmaster's Biting Fly Trap?

Our traps are pre-baited and ready to deploy, combining convenience with effectiveness. Designed to mimic the movement of prey, these traps lure biting flies through dynamic action, making them more effective than static solutions.

Efficient Features Include:

  • Long-lasting Attraction: Each trap is equipped with specially formulated glue that remains effective for extended periods, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: These traps contain no pesticides, making them safe for use around children and pets.

  • Easy Setup and Maintenance: Simply hang the traps in areas prone to fly activity and let them do the work.

Placement Tips for Optimal Results:

  • Sun Exposure: Position the traps in sunny locations to increase effectiveness, as flies are attracted to warm areas.

  • Distance from Activity: Place traps at least 25-50 feet away from common gathering spots to draw flies away from people.

  • Height Considerations: Hang the traps at varying heights to capture different species of flies which may have varying flying patterns.

  • Regular Inspection: Check traps weekly to assess catch rates and adjust locations as needed to target high-traffic fly areas more effectively.

  • Complementary Strategies: Consider pairing the traps with other insect control measures like repellents or natural deterrents in areas with severe infestations for an integrated pest management approach.

    Invest in Catchmaster's Flying Insect Trap Four-Pack for a peaceful, fly-free environment.