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Reusable Fly Jar Trap Attractant Refills

Reusable Fly Jar Trap Attractant Refills


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Our Reusable Trap Fly Jar Refill offers a simple yet effective solution to keep flying pests at bay. Designed for seamless compatibility with our Catchmaster Fly Jar, this refill contains a powerful attractant that flies can't resist. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it's perfect for households, businesses, and farms looking to maintain a clean and comfortable environment.

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Commitment to Safety

We are dedicated to providing products that are safe for your family and pets. Our fly trap refills are made with natural ingredients, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals. This makes them ideal for use in any setting, including areas where children and pets play.

User Convenience

With our easy-to-insert refills, maintaining your fly control system is a breeze. No mess, no fuss, just replace the old bait with a new refill and you're ready to go. Enjoy uninterrupted protection and peace of mind with minimal effort.

Choose Sustainability

Opt for our environmentally friendly refills to reduce your ecological footprint while effectively managing pests. Our refills are designed to last, offering you a cost-effective and sustainable solution to fly control.