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Vector Plasma Screened UV Light Fly Trap

Vector Plasma Screened UV Light Fly Trap


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Harness state-of-the-art UV light technology with the Vector Plasma Screened UV Fly Light, your top-tier ally against indoor flying pests. This device not only captivates with its sleek design but also packs a punch with its high-intensity UV attraction, making it a formidable tool against flies and gnats. Its screened design ensures that the light is directed precisely where needed, maximizing catch rates while maintaining aesthetic and functional discretion.

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Safe and Non-Toxic

Our UV fly light offers a chemical-free approach to fly control, making it perfectly suited for sensitive areas. It's environmentally friendly and safe around food, children, and pets, providing peace of mind alongside unparalleled fly control efficiency.

Easy Maintenance and Long-Lasting Durability

Designed for longevity and ease of use, the Vector Plasma Screened UV Fly Light requires minimal upkeep. The unit's glue boards and UV bulbs are easily replaceable, ensuring continuous, effective operation and durability that you can depend on.

Why Choose the Vector Plasma Fly Light?

This device is an investment in cleanliness and comfort, offering professional-grade efficacy in fly management. Ideal for anyone needing reliable fly control without compromising safety or convenience.